For over 30 years Persyst has worked closely with the manufacturers of EEG equipment so that the experience of using Persyst is a seamless part of your daily workflow.

Persyst Continuous Monitoring is integrated within the Manufacturer’s EEG acquisition system and display, providing time-synchronized, continuous trending of EEG and physiological data as it is being acquired, along with online spike and seizure detection. Ongoing Artifact Reduction (AR) of the live data enables easier interpretation of Trends and Detections. Detection and Trends comments are placed on the Manufacturer’s comment list.

Persyst Clinical Review is also integrated with the OEM EEG manufacturer‘s review software, and synchronizes with the EEG display for deployment to monitoring and review stations.

Persyst provides comprehensive universal EEG review capabilities, regardless of the acquisition system where the recording was made . Persyst can open nearly 70 different EEG formats.

Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

Nihon Kohden has a broad Neurology product portfolio offering solutions for epilepsy monitoring, EEG, ambulatory recording, Polysomnography, home sleep testing, Intra-operative and ICU monitoring, EMG, nerve conduction and evoked potentials.

Within this portfolio, Persyst is fully integrated with the EEG-1200 Diagnostic and Monitoring platform.


Operating at a global level for manufacturing, marketing and distribution, Neurovirtual specialize in offering innovative solutions for diagnostics in Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

Persyst is fully integrated with the BWAnalysis EEG/ICU/LTM Software.

Natus Neurology

The Natus Neurology product line offers an extensive range of neurodiagnostic and monitoring solutions, including ICU, EP, EEG, EMG, TCD, IOM, Sleep, Long-term Monitoring, and Functional Brain Mapping, along with a comprehensive line of supplies and integrated connectivity solutions.

Persyst is fully integrated with the Natus Neuroworks software and the NicOne system.


Delivering solutions in Neurophysiology worldwide, Micromed partners with hospitals, sleep labs and research centers on a global scale. The Micromed product portfolio includes a wide range of products from LTM, ICU, Ambulatory and Routine EEG systems to EMG, EP and PSG systems.

Persyst is fully integrated with the SystemPlus Evolution and BrainQuick software.

Moberg ICU Solutions

Moberg ICU Solutions is now a member of the Micromed Group and provides advanced monitoring and informatics technology for urgent, acute and surgical neurological patients.

Persyst is integrated as a standalone application.

Compumedics Limited

Compumedics provides innovative solutions for clinical EEG, long-term monitoring, Neuro-ICU monitoring and ambulatory EEG.

Persyst is integrated with the Profusion EEG software.

*Please note however, that the Persyst database and Persyst Mobile may not be able to correctly show Profusion records.  Persyst Standalone and Persyst Mobile are not able to display video from Profusion records. 

Cadwell Laboratories, Inc.

Cadwell Laboratories continues to set new standards with innovations in clinical EMG/NCV/EP instrumentation, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, Clinical EEG, 150+ channel Epilepsy monitoring, Continuous EEG/ICU Monitoring, Sleep Diagnostics, Ambulatory EEG & PSG.

Persyst is fully integrated with the Arc and Easy 3 platforms.

Persyst is a universal EEG reader and supports nearly 70 different data formats and vendors. If you have an EEG record, chances are you can read it in Persyst.

The following list details the formats and features supported.  Contact us to learn more!


RV: EEG Review PAT: Read patient demographics OLEV: Online event detection
DTEV: Outputs detection events to OEM database RSEV: Reads recording system events RSMNT: Reads recording system montages
DV: Reads synchronized digital video

Alpha-Trace digital EEG RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.alp
AstroMed Grass Twin RV, DV, PAT Logfile.qqq
Bio-logic BrainAtlas RV, PAT *.dat
Bio-logic CEEGraph V1 RV, PAT, RSEV E*.dat
Bio-logic CEEGraph IV, V, VI, Vision and XL RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.eeg
BioSemi BDF RV, PAT .bdf
BioSignal RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.bpf
Blackrock Microsystems RV, PAT *.ns*
BrainLab RV, DV, PAT *.sig
Cadwell EasyWindows RV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.eas
Cadwell Easy 3 RV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV, RSMNT *-1.ez3
Cadwell Flex RV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.arc
Cadwell Spectrum 32 RV, RSEV *.00?
Cleveland Medical Devices Crystal-EEG RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.crl
Compumedics Limited RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.raw
Compumedics ProFusion RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.sdy
DeltaMed RV, PAT *_0000.eeg
Deymed TruScan RV, PAT *.dat
DigiTrace RV, DV, PAT *.w18,*.r27,*.w27
Electrical Geodesics, Inc (EGI) RV, PAT *.mff
European Data Format 90 RV, PAT *.edf
Grass Technologies AS40/Comet RV, DV, PAT Logfile.qqq
Grass Technologies AURA/AURA24 RV, DV, PAT Logfile.qqq
Lexicor RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.dat
Lifelines/Trackit/EDF RV, DV, PAT, RSEV *.edf, *.bdf
MayoVax RV *.eeg.1
Mayo MEF RV *.maf
Megsis Focus RV *.foc
Micromed RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV *.trc
Moberg CNS Monitor RV, PAT, RSEV
Natus NicOne RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.e
NEC Synafit RV, PAT *.dat
Network Concepts Uniquant RV, PAT *.sif
NeuroScan RV *.cnt
Neuro Data NDF RV, PAT *.eeg
NeuroVirtual RV *.eeg,*.psg
Nicolet Alliance NT RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.eeg
Nicolet BMSI 3.0+ RV *.eeg
Nicolet Bravo RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.eeg
Nicolet Endeavor 3.x RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.xew
Nicolet NicoletOne cEEG RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.one
Nicolet NicoletOne nEEG/LTM/Monitor RV, PAT, RSEV *.e
Nicolet Satellite RV, PAT, RSEV *.dat
Nicolet Satellite ES RV, PAT, RSEV *.ebm
Nicolet Voyageur RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT data
NihonKohden 1100/2100/9100 RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, DTEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.pnt
OSG BrainRT RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *-hdr.sig
Oxford 9200 RV *.*
Oxford/Teca/Medelec DG32 RV, PAT, RSEV, RSMNT *.mod
Oxford/Teca/Medelec Valor (Nervus) RV, PAT, RSEV *.e
Oxford/Teca/Medelec Profile RV, PAT, RSEV *.eeg
Persyst Layout RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.lay
Polymate RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.dat
QSI 9X00 RV, PAT *.ano
Rembrandt RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV *.msr
RMS India EEG-64 RV, DV *.eeg
Stellate Harmonie RV, DV *.sig
Stellate Monitor/Rhythm RV, PAT *.eeg
Telefactor CTE64 RV, PAT, DV *.dat
TelefactorEDF RV, PAT, DV *.edf
TelefactorTuff RV, PAT, DV *.ref
Telediagnostic (via Persyst Layout) RV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.lay
Vanguard RV, PAT b*
WalterGraphtek/Dantek PLEEG RV, PAT, OLEV *.wg1
Xltek NeuroWorks RV, DV, PAT, OLEV, RSEV, RSMNT *.erd
Xltek EPWorks RV, RSEV *.iom

*Persyst has created built-in data readers for most supported formats so you can open nearly any EEG record in Persyst, regardless of the file format or the system it was recorded on. For a small number of some formats, the data reader is supplied by the OEM software vendor and installed with Persyst for a seamless experience.  This means that to read these file formats in Persyst, either the original EEG software must also be installed with Persyst, or an additional data reader from the OEM vendor must be installed on the computer instead, otherwise there will be an error that the file cannot be read. Therefore, if you have data files of the following formats and do not also have the OEM software installed with Persyst, and/or are experiencing an error, please contact Persyst Support for help in working towards a seamless experience in Persyst.

AstroMed (TWin)

TWin Video files require an update to the TWin Video File Support in Persyst.

Cadwell Easy 3

Cadwell Easy 3 Support Files are required to enable Persyst to read the Easy 3 File Format.
If you already have Cadwell Easy 3 software installed, this is not required.

Cadwell Arc EEG

Cadwell Arc EEG Support Files are required to enable Persyst to read the Cadwell Arc File Format.
If you already have Cadwell Arc software installed, this is not required.

Compumedics ProFusion

Compumedics ProFusion requires an add-on for File Support within Persyst.  If Compumedics is already installed, this is not required.


Deltamed requires an update for Deltamed File Support in Persyst.


EBNeuro GaINT requires an update for the Support Files to Persyst.
If you already have EBNeuro GalNT software installed, this is not required.

Stellate Harmonie

Reading Stellate Harmonie files requires that the Stellate Harmonie Viewer be installed.