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Persyst is integrated, sold and supported by most major manufacturers including Natus, Nihon Kohden, Cadwell, Compumedics and many more.


Persyst 13

  • Spike Detection

    Persyst 13 spike detection has broken through to provide you with the spike detection and classification system you’ve always wanted. The Persyst 13 detector features extremely high sensitivity and a stunningly low false positive rate.

    NEW: A peer reviewed paper has been published on the remarkable accuracy of the P13 detector when compared with human reviewers.
    Spike Detection: Inter-reader agreement and a statistical Turing test on a large data set

  • EEG Trending

    Persyst Trending provides the most advanced continuous EEG trending available. This allows for extremely rapid and accurate review of seizures, periodic patterns, and other changes.

  • Seizure Detection

    The Persyst Seizure Detector simulates the way that human reviewers scan for seizure patterns. It takes input from the Rhythmicity Spectrograms as well as a number of other factors in order to spot the kind of changes that represent seizure activity.

Persyst is the standard of care

Reducing missed seizures and improving patient safety are two more reasons why nine out of ten top hospitals for Neurology in the U.S.* use Persyst for EEG monitoring and review

* As ranked by US News: https://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/neurology-and-neurosurgery