Persyst Mobile Cloud (PMC) provides a web-based, centralized location to host EEG records for research and education projects.

Take advantage of fast, dynamic interaction with EEG records in the Persyst Mobile EEG Viewer, now paired with the flexibility of data storage in the cloud.

Persyst Mobile EEG Viewer

Post EEG files to the cloud and view them in the Persyst Mobile EEG Viewer. Access EEG records to read and manipulate waveforms, annotate, and view trends in an intuitive web-based version of Persyst. Persyst Mobile (PM) is a clinically-focused solution that allows clinicians to easily connect to live patient data from a web-browser with custom IT integrations for access to data and hospital servers. PMC allows users to access EEG records from a web-based browser as well, but removes the need for custom configuration by providing built-in cloud storage and a completely web-based interface. PMC is a solution for retrospective, multi-user clinical EEG review and analysis for research and education purposes.

Research Study and Collaboration Solutions

PMC simplifies the technical infrastructure for research studies with centralized cloud storage location and web-based access to read and annotate EEG, and to export markings for analysis. Easily collaborate and increase study participation on projects across multiple institutions with straightforward access to a single unique web address within PMC. Quickly implement study designs with designated roles and permissions for users and integrated tools for standardized EEG marking protocols across participants. PMC also allows researchers to track participant’s annotations to assist in efficient project management and monitor compliance with study protocols in real-time to ensure clean, organized data output.

Education and Training Content Delivery

Curate data sets to share as standardized teaching content using PMC as an online portal for EEG storage and review. Using Persyst Mobile’s intuitive interface, instructors can effectively direct students to a specific time point in a record and add supplemental PDF documents to each case for more in-depth training materials. PMC also allows educators to capture and organize a student’s annotations to measure lesson comprehension and track reading assignment completion. PMC provides students with a dynamic, interactive learning experience in a simplified, reading-focused setting.

Feature Persyst Mobile Persyst Mobile Cloud
Mobile EEG and Trend Review
Attach PDFs to EEG Records
Live EEG Review/Patient Monitoring
HIPPA Compliant
FDA Cleared (510K)
Trending while Recording
Local infrastructure for Server and Record Storage
Push Notifications
Patient Centric Views
Persyst provided Record Storage (Cloud)
File Management (i.e. grouping similar cases for teaching)
Access to roles and permissions within web application
Export of user comments for analysis