Persyst Prime™ Priority Support

The Persyst support program provides exclusive access to cutting edge clinical clinical tools, significant cost-savings over time, and more options for support and training.

Industry-Leading Clinical Benefits

  • Every New Version – Access to significant, clinically validated, advances such as new detectors and new types of analysis, plus hundreds of new features and enhancements each year.
  • Clinical Consultation – Exclusive access to the Persyst Clinical Team calendar to schedule times to customize montages, create custom Trend Panels, optimize displays (for patient rooms, monitoring rooms, and reading stations), and more.
  • Training – Easily book interactive training sessions customized to your team’s needs.
    • New users who need to learn how to use the software
    • Annual training for EEG team
    • Advanced applications, and more
  • Persyst Mobile – Fast, easy, on-the-go review of EEG from any computer plus iOS and Android apps with configurable push notifications as events are detected.
  • iEEG Imaging & Analysis – 3D and 2D interactive visualizations of intracranial electrode locations on pre- and post-implant neuroimaging, semi-automated labeling of electrode locations.

Unparalleled Technical Support

  • Rapid Resolution – Expect resolution or escalation of any issue within four hours during our published business hours.
  • Technical Troubleshooting – Exclusive access to the Persyst Tech Support calendar to schedule interactive sessions at your convenience.
  • Technical Setup – The Persyst team helps install and configure software, create notifications for clinical events, and other technical tasks.
  • Flex Licensing – Need extra licenses in the middle of a budget cycle? Prime has you covered. Persyst Prime will provide extra licenses at no additional cost until your next annual renewal when the licenses can be purchased.

Direct Cost Savings

  • Persyst Prime – The most cost-effective way to optimize your Persyst software investment.
  • Volume Discounts – Save up to 30% on additional licenses.
  • Never have to Repurchase – Persyst licenses can be renewed indefinitely.
  • Multi-Year Contracts – Persyst Prime can lock current pricing for up to five years and can provide an additional 10% cost savings.
Example Configuration
15 CPA, 5 CPR, 2 servers incl. ESI
Customer A
Persyst Prime™
Customer B
Initial purchase Year 1 $101,750 $101,750
Annual cost Years 2 $18,315 $0
Annual cost Year 3 $18,315 $0
Annual cost Year 4 $18,315 $76,321
Annual cost Year 5 $18,315 $0
Annual cost Year 6 $18,315 $0
Annual cost Year 7 $18,315 $76,321
Benefits available all 7 years
Each additional CPA $4,950 $6,600
Annual cost of Persyst ESI $15,000 $18,000
Priority Support – same day scheduling Yes No
On-demand live training Yes No
Worry-free OS and EEG System upgrades Yes No
Mobile: iOS, Android, & Web Yes No
Flex Licensing Yes No
Continual Enhancements* Yes No
Key Takeaways 64k savings — about 9k / year
Total cost after 7 years $316,640 $380,392
Purchasing process Operating Expense Capital Budget

* The Persyst Software is Medical Device for clinical use with the operating system and manufacturer software configuration originally installed. Regardless of Prime status, Persyst will always provide software patches that are essential to the continuous operation of the software per its intended use, and in support of the device’s safety and effectiveness in the original, validated, configuration.

Persyst Prime extends this benefit so that as you upgrade and patch your operating system and EEG software, you will always have access to the newly validated versions of Persyst for your new configuration.