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Persyst Multi-Patient Monitoring brings in the next era of cEEG monitoring.


The next time you want to know how your cEEG patients are doing, take a quick look via Persyst Multi-Patient Monitor. Welcome to the next era of cEEG monitoring!

Continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring allows unprecedented clinical insights into the brain function of your critically ill patients, but it’s also created problems. How can you efficiently follow so many simultaneous cEEG recordings? Currently, this often involves a monitoring room containing dedicated computers and displays for each patient. Users need to manually open records on each system as monitoring begins and then move between systems in order to do monitoring and detailed review. Just setting up, maintaining, and running one such facility is difficult. Complicating monitoring further, there are usually no similar capabilities at satellite sites.

Persyst Multi-Patient Monitor (MPM) solves these challenges.

Through the use of a highly optimized grid showing ongoing cEEG recordings, Persyst MPM makes maximum use of screen real estate. It provides an effective overview of many simultaneous recordings in a single glance. If you see something of interest, with one click you can zoom in on a single record for detailed review. Another click and you’re back to multi-patient view.

The cEEG trends displayed for each patient are user-selectable and the EEG waveforms can also be displayed. MPM can be configured to automatically open new recordings as they arise, either by placing these in a specified grid cell or in the next available grid position. Users can also manually select records for monitoring using the Persyst database. Dual monitors are supported, allowing display of a large number of active studies. MPM via Citrix server is supported, so MPM monitoring can be performed wherever a suitably configured Citrix station is located. And, as with every Persyst product, almost every EEG manufacturer’s system is supported, so MPM works seamlessly in hospitals using different varieties of EEG machine.