An integrated part of your EEG acquisition system, ideal for EMU Long Term Monitoring and ICU Continuous Monitoring.

Persyst Continuous Monitoring is a powerful part of the Persyst 15 software package. Persyst Continuous Monitoring is integrated within the Manufacturer’s EEG acquisition system and display, providing time-synchronized, continuous trending of EEG and physiological data as it is being acquired, along with online spike and seizure detection. Ongoing Artifact Reduction (AR) of the live data enables easier interpretation of Trends and Detections as well, so reviewers can quickly assess non-convulsive seizures and other clinically important changes in the EEG.

Persyst Clinical Review is also integrated with the EEG manufacturer’s review software and synchronizes with the EEG display, allowing for the monitoring of live records or offline review of already acquired records. Together Persyst Continuous Monitoring and Persyst Clinical Review offer the most comprehensive solution for EEG monitoring, review and analysis on the market.

Additionally Persyst Continuous Monitoring and Clinical Review offer:

  • Constant electrode signal quality monitoring during acquisition. A display notification indicates when quality has dropped on an electrode.
  • Persyst Artifact Reduction provides push button removal of EMG, eye movements, and low quality signals from the EEG, Trending and Detection to reduce artifact and false positives. Removing artifact makes features of the EEG and the Trends, such as seizure onset, easier to interpret.
  • Spike Detection and Review helps to quickly identify sharps and spikes present in the record.
  • Near real-time Seizure Detection and notification can be used as a supplement to patient events and monitoring raw EEG data. Persyst Seizure Detection can reduce the rate of missed seizures during monitoring, potentially reducing patient stays and enhancing safety.
  • Advanced frequency and voltage analysis
  • Clinical Review allows for the archiving and export of EEG records and supported video formats.

With online processing of data during acquisition at the patient bedside, important characteristics of the EEG data, including seizures and spikes, may be identified sooner and contribute to decisions regarding patient care. Reviewing records that have already been acquired and processed with Persyst can also provide insights to the medical team and make the review process more efficient.

Clinical Review for Server — Citrix, Web, and Mobile Enabled Review

Running Clinical Review on a Server extends the capability of the Clinical Review product so that it can be deployed on an existing Citrix Server allowing doctors and other staff to monitor patients from remote locations.

So long as Clinical Review for Server is covered by Persyst Prime, this product enables the server supporting the Web and Mobile Apps

Clinical Review Site License

The clinical Review Site License requires Persyst Prime. This license provides for an unlimited number of review stations, review servers, and multi-patient monitors at a single site¹.

¹ A single site is defined to include any facilities within 1 mile of the primary facility operating as a single entity.