Your Secure EEG Review and Monitoring Solution

Persyst Mobile is a universal EEG monitoring and review application for iOS, Android, and Web. The Persyst Mobile Bridge leverages your hospitals existing authentication and security infrastructure to securely deliver EEG wherever you may be. It includes a full suite of EEG review features as well as synchronized trending, and support for streaming video. You can move almost instantly between patients, saving significant time every day. Persyst Mobile also includes important new features like the ability to view a set of patient recordings as a single record, even across several days. Persyst Mobile and Persyst Mobile Bridge are included at no additional cost for customers with a Clinical Review For Server license and who have their licenses covered by the Persyst Prime program.

Clinical Utility

  • Rapid navigation between patient records
  • Consolidate multiple physical records into a single patient-centric view
  • Seamlessly review Trends, EEG, and video within a unified interface
  • Receive timely notifications of relevant events

Accessibility & Security

  • Native support for phones, tablets, and computers
  • Access EEG data from both inside and outside the hospital network
  • Utilize existing login credentials and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
  • Ensure data security with end-to-end encryption

Discover the clinical efficiency and security of Persyst Mobile for seamless EEG access and monitoring. Experience a unified, secure, and accessible platform for your patient records.

Persyst Mobile works alongside your existing EEG and Persyst infrastructure and supports every major EEG manufacturer.

Across your devices, and wherever you are, Persyst Mobile securely provides the right solution for EEG monitoring and review.

IT-friendly security and Authentication

Persyst Mobile with Mobile Bridge seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s security infrastructure. Our system ensures a user-friendly experience for clinicians while complying with your facility’s security requirements. The Mobile Bridge establishes a secure, end-to-end encrypted connection using your hospital’s infrastructure, enabling secure EEG access from anywhere. No data is retained on the end device after the session ends, ensuring maximum security.

Review with Ease

Experience the power of Persyst Mobile for streamlined EEG review. Effortlessly view and customize EEG page parameters, adjust montages, and synchronize comments with the original record. Zoom in on time-synchronized video, and choose from a variety of trend panels for comprehensive insights.

Efficient Monitoring

In monitoring rooms, Persyst Mobile shines by offering clear, patient-specific views, easily categorized by unit, floor, department, or facility. Track recent patient events and their review status or view trend panels from multiple patients simultaneous for deeper insights. Gain quick access to EEG data, trends, and video. Away from the monitoring room, Persyst Mobile provides real-time push notifications to stay informed.

Accessibility you Deserve with the Security Your Hospitals Require