Persyst Mobile

Monitoring Made Easy

Persyst Mobile provides access to patient Trends, EEG and Video on iOS and Android mobile devices and web browsers. When off-site expertise is needed, Persyst Mobile also operates on existing hospital VPN solutions, enabling clinicians to easily connect to live patient data. And like all Persyst products it is integrated with all the major EEG formats and systems. Best of all it is included at no extra charge with Persyst Software Assurance.

Sample Configuration

Download the iOS or Android version from the app store by clicking the corresponding icon.

Then contact for log in credentials so you can try it on our demonstration site.

Persyst Mobile is compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

FDA Cleared 510(k)

First FDA Cleared Mobile app for EEG

Mobile Review

View EEG, Trends and video from your mobile device or browser

Native touch support

Quickly and easily review and comment on EEG

Push Notifications

Instantly receive customized event notifications

Safe, Secure and Validated

You control your data on your server

HIPAA Compliant

Locally administered and controlled by your facility

Comprehensive patient views

Control montage, trends, filters, amplitude and more

Monitoring views

Monitor multiple patients easily navigating among them