EMU Long-Term Monitoring

Persyst EMU Long-Term Monitoring is specifically designed for the needs of Epilepsy Monitoring Units. Designed to run as an integrated part of your EEG acquisition system it includes our advanced Seizure Detection to help you quickly find seizures in long-term recordings. Spike Detection and Review helps to quickly identify sharps and spikes present in the record… Persyst Artifact Reduction provides push button removal of EMG as well as eye movements. Near real time Seizure Detection and notification can also be used as a supplement to patient events, and monitoring of raw EEG data in order to enhance patient safety.

Note: The EMU Long-Term Monitoring product does not include Trending. The ICU Continuous monitoring product should be purchased in Trending is a requirement.

Persyst constantly monitors electrode signal quality. A display notification indicates when quality has dropped on an electrode. In addition Artifact Reduction removes the low quality signal from Trending and Detection to reduce artifact and false positives.

Complete review of a twenty-four hour EEG record can take a considerable amount of time. By processing the record with Persyst during acquisition major features of the record including detected seizures and spikes are available immediately. This can provide early insight to your medical team, and reduce pressure on the timing of the manual review process. By removing EMG Artifact Reduction can make features of the EEG such as seizure onset much easier to interpret.

Persyst Seizure Detection can reduce the rate of missed seizures during monitoring potentially reducing patient stays and enhancing safety.