American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) Meeting and Courses
Austin, Texas, USA.
March 25-29 2023.
The Persyst booth is #405.

18th European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (ECCN)
Marseilles, France
May 9-12, 2023.

Northwestern 7th Annual Advances in Epilepsy and EEG
Chicago, Illinois, USA
June 2-3, 2023.

35th International Epilepsy Congress (IEC)
Dublin, Ireland
September 2-6, 2023.

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) British Branch
Gateshead, United Kingdom
October 2-4, 2023.

Mayo Clinic 8th Annual Epilepsy and EEG in Clinical Practice
Orlando, Florida
October 12-14, 2023.

American Epilepsy Society (AES)
Orlando, Florida
December 1-5, 2023