Semiautomated Spike Detection Software Persyst 13 Is Noninferior to Human Readers When Calculating the Spike-Wave Index in Electrical Status Epilepticus in Sleep

Purpose: Our objective was to use semiautomatic methods for calculating the spike-wave index (SWI) in electrical status epilepticus in slow-wave sleep (ESES) and to determine whether this calculation is noninferior to human experts (HEs). Methods: Each HE marked identical 300-second epochs for all spikes and calculated the SWI in sleep EEGs of patients diagnosed with [...]

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Spike detection: Inter-reader agreement and a statistical Turing test on a large data set

Objective Compare the spike detection performance of three skilled humans and three computer algorithms. Methods 40 prolonged EEGs, 35 containing reported spikes, were evaluated. Spikes and sharp waves were marked by the humans and algorithms. Pairwise sensitivity and false positive rates were calculated for each human–human and algorithm-human pair. Differences in human pairwise performance were [...]

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