Michael Guess

Michael J. Guess

Vice President, Research and Clinical Applications

Michael J. Guess is VP of Research and Clinical Applications, and he joined Persyst Development Corporation in 1998. He has over 30 years of experience in medical instrumentation and accessories, and has an in-depth knowledge of EEG acquisition and review systems, physiological and critical-care monitoring systems, emergency/first responder equipment, therapeutic and surgical equipment, radiological imaging devices, and clinical laboratory instrumentation. Mike has focused his efforts in the field of neurodiagnostics for the last 24 years. Prior to joining Persyst in 1998 he served as EEG Product Manager for TECA Corporation through the development of their Motorola/VME workstation-based DG Examiner and DG Discovery, to their first Windows-based EEG system introduced in 1997. Mike is an honor graduate of the USAF School of Healthcare Sciences’ Biomedical Engineering program and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Thomas Edison State University in Biomedical Electronics. Michael has resided in Prescott, Arizona for the last 19 years, and enjoys exploring our great outdoors with his family.