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36th International Epilepsy Congress

Lisbon, Portugal
August 30th – September 3rd, 2025

Persyst | CARE

(Computer Assisted Review of EEG)

Persyst 14 EEG Review and Analysis Software provides the complete set of tools needed for C.A.R.E (Computer Assisted Review of EEG), resulting in accurate, efficient and rapid review of EEG data. Whether for high volume institutions or for community clinics, Persyst enables the highest level of comprehensive patient care when it comes to EEG monitoring and analysis.

Seizure Detection

Accurate. Fast. Flexible. P14 is the most advanced seizure detector available.

Spike Detection

Persyst spike detection is shown to be non-inferior to skilled human reviewers.


A comprehensive set of EEG trends which are easy to use and customize.

Artifact Reduction

Selectively reduces eye, muscle and electrode artifact in real-time.


Comprehensive patient monitoring from wherever you are.

Integrated with the EEG System you already use

Persyst is the only EEG trending and detection software that is integrated,
sold and supported by every major EEG manufacturer including
Micromed, Natus, Nihon Kohden, Cadwell, Compumedics and many more.

Persyst is the Standard of Care


Introducing Persyst mobile.
EEG at your fingertips.

Persyst Mobile is the first EEG monitoring and review application cleared by the FDA to run on mobile devices. Now you can quickly and easily access EEG wherever you are.


Over the decades, Persyst has led the field of quantitative EEG for neurodiagnostics, delivering powerful tools into the hands of clinicians. Our success is in part due to a core commitment to research, the scientific validation of our methods in collaboration with our clinical partners, and the publication of our findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Most recently, our work validating the new Persyst 14 Seizure Detector was published by the Journal of Clinical Neurophsyiology. Findings include, “The Persyst 14 algorithm was statistically noninferior to the humans. For the first time, a seizure detection algorithm and human experts performed similarly.”