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The most advanced continuous EEG Trending available


Persyst provides the most advanced continuous EEG trending available.

Persyst trending allows the user to see, at a glance, the timing of detected seizures in context with other changes in the EEG. Persyst Artifact Reduction automatically removes many types of artifacts, making trends easier to review and much more representative of cerebral activity. Persyst  Trending includes our powerful Rhythmicity Spectrograms, which allow you to see the evolution of seizures in a single image.  In addition, Persyst provides a full complement of FFT, Asymmetry, aEEG, Peak Envelope, and suppression trends among many others.  Trends can be calculated on any channel or set of channels.  Persyst also provides the ability to create an almost unlimited number of user-defined trends, and our support team is always ready to help create the custom Trends that match your clinical and research needs.