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Persyst 13 has broken the code on Spike Detection


Persyst 13 spike detection has broken through to provide you with the spike detection and classification system you’ve always wanted.

The Persyst 13 detector features extremely high sensitivity and a stunningly low false positive rate. In addition, the new Spike Review automatically classifies spikes by location and morphology. If there are two types of left temporal spikes, then Persyst 13 Spike Review will present them separately. Accurate detections also mean that the tedious task of manually counting spikes can be replaced with our reliable and repeatable algorithm.

A strategic picture

For the first time ever, the Persyst 13 spike detector also accurately marks most of the periodic epileptiform discharges found during ICU monitoring. Combined with new trends we’ve developed, this can provide an accurate strategic picture of the evolution of typical patterns. Because Persyst 13 spike marking includes an assessment of location, generalized and lateralized discharges can be distinguished in the trends.