OEM integration makes qEEG work.

Integrated qEEG runs as part of your EEG acquisition system.  It does not require starting separate processes, it does not add complexity to your protocol, and it does not require physicians or techs to “do,” anything extra.

Retrospective or post-processing analysis is undoubtedly very useful, but reliable on-line, real-near-time, spike and seizure detection and trending  provides significant advantages for physicians, technicians, and ultimately patients including:

  • an “extra pair of eyes,” to help avoid missed seizures
  • a “rear-view mirror,” capability to allow staff, who may have been attending to other patients, to quickly and confidently identify any recent events.

EEG manufacturers have integrated Persyst

Over the past 30 years Persyst has partnered with almost every EEG manufacturer.  As a result of these partnerships, Persyst is the most universal EEG reader, interpreting files from nearly 70 different systems, and every major EEG manufacturer has created a near-seamless integration of Persyst into their acquisition software.  In most cases, these integrations make use of the Persyst API to embed Persyst inside of their software.

Testing and Validation: Quality

With every release of Persyst or an integrated OEM’s software, Persyst engineers coordinate with our partner engineering teams to design testing plans describing what needs to be tested and then to update and execute testing protocols.

In addition to the full testing protocol used to validate each Persyst build independently, dozens of additional, OEM-specific, tests are conducted each year to validate that the systems delivered, will perform as expected.