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Live, comprehensive web-based Training Program tailored to meet your institution's individual needs

Persyst Web-Based Training


Web Training is a live, comprehensive training program tailored to meet your institution's individual needs. Training is customized based on the cEEG equipment you're using, the department where it's used (ICU, EMU, or routine), your workflow, and the audience using the software.  

Persyst Web Based Training uses a mix of live teleconferencing and hands-on application sharing. During training we will demonstrate how the Persyst software will be implemented and how to operate during acquisition and review.

Persyst Web Based Training incorporates a variety of cEEG recordings from our comprehensive Learning Library to illustrate the clinical application of Persyst software.  The Persyst Learning Library is also made available to your clinical team for ongoing review and training.

Persyst Web Based Training will cover:

  • Overview of the Persyst EEG Suite
  • Review of EEG Panels and Trends
  • Opening EEG recordings from anywhere on the network

  • Seizure Detection and viewing EEG changes
  • Rapid review of interictal events with SpikeReview
  • Workflow Review and Recommendations  

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Persyst uses TurboMeeting to provide online training and remote support.


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