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P13 Advanced Review — comprehensive, universal

Advanced Review


P13 Advanced Review

Persyst Advanced Review provides a comprehensive universal EEG review capability. Using Advanced Review you can open virtually all commercial EEG formats. Regardless of the acquisition system where the recording was made Advanced Review provides a standard, easy to use interface for reviewing EEG wave forms. Trends, seizure detections, and spike detections that have been previously processed by Persyst acquisition products are available instantly. In addition Advanced Review provides the ability to do trending and detection on records that have not been previously processed. This can be important for records received from other institutions, or for records acquired on older equipment where Persyst acquisition software may not be available.

Note: Advanced Review cannot process records that are currently being acquired. Purchase one of the acquisition products if this is a requirement.

Advanced Review also offers additional features including advanced frequency and voltage analysis as well as the ability to archive EEG and supported video formats. Advanced review also provides the ability to export EEG analysis data for use in other applications.

Persyst Advanced Review provides the most comprehensive array of detection, review and analysis tools ever assembled.