EEG at your fingertips

  • View EEG, Trends, and Video from your mobile device or web browser
  • Receive push notifications on your device
  • Review eventsĀ and add comments by opening the app
  • Locally administered and controlled by your facility
  • No data leaves your control
  • FDA cleared

Persyst Mobile

Across your devices, and wherever you are, Persyst Mobile provides the right solution for EEG monitoring and review.

Persyst Mobile is the first EEG monitoring and review application cleared by the FDA to run on mobile devices. Now you can quickly and easily access EEG wherever you are. It includes a full suite of EEG review features as well as synchronized trending, and support for streaming video. You can move almost instantly between patients, saving significant time every day. Persyst Mobile also includes important new features like the ability to view a set of patient recordings as a single record, even across several days. Persyst Mobile is available on iOS devices, and on mobile as well as desktop web browsers. And the best thing is that for most Persyst customers there is no additional cost when you are covered by Persyst Software Assurance.

  • Receive customized event notifications
  • Navigate quickly between patient records.
  • Available on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Native support for touch devices.
  • Review Trends, EEG, and video from a single easy to use interface.
  • Combines multiple physical records into a single patient oriented view.

Persyst Mobile, like all Persyst products, supports every major EEG manufacturer.