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ICU Continuous Monitoring, the most comprehensive tools available

ICU Continuous Monitoring

Persyst ICU Continuous Monitoring provides the most comprehensive collection of featuresĀ for continuous EEG monitoring, allowing neurologists, neurointensivists and technicians to quickly detect non-convulsive seizures and other clinically important changes in the EEG as they are occurring. ICU Continuous Monitoring provides Trending and on-line seizure detection and continuous EEG trending. Records are processed as they are being acquired with trends and detections updated in real time. Channels are automatically monitored for electrode artifacts, which are removed from seizure and trend processing. Electrodes, which have persistent electrical artifacts, are indicated to alert staff to the need for correction, resulting in cleaner recordings.

Persyst ICU Continuous Monitoring includes all of the features of Persyst Long-Term Monitoring, making it ideal for environments where equipment is used across the EMU and ICU.