See EEG in a whole new way.

Persyst ESI powered by Epilog is now an integrated part of the Persyst 14 platform.

EEG Electrical Source Imaging (ESI) is a neuroimaging modality that uses a patient’s EEG data co-registered with their MRI to localize the source of scalp EEG signals within a patient’s brain. ESI is shown to contribute meaningfully to clinical decision making for presurgical epilepsy evaluations, however is not included routinely in the evaluations and is largely underutilized due to operational and personnel cost.

Persyst ESI powered by Epilog is the first solution to remove these burdens, offering ESI as a solution while still leveraging physician input.

EEG Electrical Source Imaging has been shown to be both Accurate and Useful.
Now with Persyst, it’s Practical.

It’s Accurate.

Recent research shows that with the standard IFCN 25 EEG electrode array, ESI performs well within the same range of accuracy as other conventional neuroimaging modalities used in epilepsy presurgical evaluations, reliably localizing interictal spikes across epilepsy patient populations. ¹,²,³,⁴,⁵

One study demonstrated that, using a standardized methodology and clinician input, ESI accurately localized the epileptogenic zone in 78% of 41 consecutive surgical cases. This is the same range of accuracy as other neuroimaging modalities.¹

Briefly learn about the history of EEG Electrical Source Imaging, our collaboration with Epilog and our methodological approach to Persyst ESI.

It’s Useful.

ESI significantly contributes to clinical decision-making, providing non-redundant information and is considered to be an important part of the presurgical evaluation for all patients considering epilepsy surgery. ⁶,⁷,⁸,⁹

Now with Persyst, it’s Practical.

Perform ESI using the software, equipment and skills you already have.

Watch the Persyst ESI powered by Epilog Product Overview video.

     Now it’s Practical

  • Integrated with all major EEG systems
  • Works with standard 10-20 EEG arrays
  • Scales up to 256 channel high density EEG
  • Does not require additional hardware or special expertise
  • Results in 3 main steps

Persyst ESI, powered by Epilog.
No ESI Solution is more accurate.

  • Results in 48 hours
  • Unlimited patient studies for one low annual subscription rate
  • Head model constructed from the patient’s own MRI
  • Highest resolution head model (FDM) available (3mm³)
  • 6 individual tissue types modeled
  • Parcellated into 25 sub-lobes per hemisphere
  • Current Density Reconstruction (CDR) inverse method sLORETA
  • The source of each spike and spike cluster is calculated at the onset, half-rising phase and at the peak
  • ESI pipeline relies on Persyst 14 Spike Detection and also allows user selection and manual marking of spikes